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Any maintenance cycle requires profoundly serious work, regardless of whether it’s of the electrical kind, or the mechanical sort, to offer the best outcomes. Pick the best fix carports for such work.

Due to the huge expansion in this world and the great overpopulation, which led to an increase in the need for transportation, especially cars.

Many car owners are looking for a workshop that uses distinctive and modern methods to diagnose car problems according to the technical condition of the car.

It is characterized by effective communication with customers to reach a clear result that explains the cause of the malfunction and explains how to fix it.

Therefore, we have established a specialized center for car maintenance with car repair specialists in UAE to meet the needs of drivers in ART Garage Dubai and Sama Texas Sharjah branches.

Here are our car electrical repair services in UAE 

General Mechanical Services in Dubai& Electrical Repair.

Professional Computer Diagnostic Transmission in UAE & Reprogramming

Computerized Car Diagnostic Test in Dubai

Transmission Repair Specialists

Premium quality ac repair service in Dubai

Complete Range  Brakes Services in Dubai

Premium Quality Oil Change Service Dubai

Full Vehicle Inspection & Diagnoses

Professional Pre-Purchase Inspection

Battery Check and Quick Replacement

Professional Auto Body Repair in Dubai

Complete Car Painting In Dubai

Under Auto Body Services

Complete Auto Cosmetics Services

 In our car maintenance shop, we make sure that the vehicle maintenance process is aimed for your safety in the first place; because the first goal of the maintenance process is to keep you safe and protect you from any danger while driving, so we work to provide advanced technology means for the safety and protection of drivers so that we always check brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant and windshield washer fluid.

In addition, we give mechanics the opportunity to see where failures originate in order to repair engine parts before they continue to deteriorate; our job is to keep your car in good condition and reduce exhaust emissions.

By visiting us, you are saving money by regularly booking an appointment at our workshop to prevent major problems and keep your vehicle safe.

On what scale do we measure our progress and success of the project?

The company’s long-term efficiency and success is determined by the quality of your serviced vehicle.

We have created a global structure that offers you a complete and efficient service and holds a great position in the market.

Now here are some of the actions that we periodically perform in our service center:

1. High efficiency and management of the work process, that is, every event or minor repair process is carried out under the supervision of maintenance experts and administrators.

2. Monitoring the quality of work and the efficiency of technicians working to identify problems and technical problems of the car

3. Security and security service. It means that the first and last goal in the maintenance process is your safety, so trust us because your safety is our priority.

4. Using the updated devices and equipment, because we keep up with all developments in the field of cars.

 We keep you posted with the maintenance schedule in order to save your time and energy.

Hurry up to visit our repair shop


Address: Dubai – Al Quoz Industrial Area – Al Quoz 1 near the bus station

Telephone number



  • Sama Texas Sharjah

Address: Sharjah _ Industrial 4

     Sharjah – 4 Industrial

Phone number 00971559960355

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