About Us

About our company

ART Garage Company

Opened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2016

Our team is composed of a group of professionals in the inspection, maintenance and modification of cars

Our staff is made up of individuals from different nationalities under a Jordanian management

Our crew is made up of teams, each of which specializes in a specific category of car

Our Vision

1. We make sure that the process of vehicle maintenance is aimed for your safety in the
first place.
2. We give mechanics the opportunity to figure out where problems are starting to form
and repair engine parts before they continue to deteriorate.
3. We care about the improvement of fuel efficiency.
4. We offer advanced safety technology to protect drivers in their cars.
5. We always check the brake fluid, transmission fluids, coolant and windshield washer
6. It’s our mission to keep your vehicle well-tuned and reduce exhaust emissions.
7. The long-term success of a company is determined by the quality of your mountained
8. You save money by booking an appointment regularly in our workshop to prevent
large problems and keep your car healthy.
9. We keep you on top of the maintenance schedule in order to save your time and

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